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Irda's Graphic Journal

Just for the hell of it

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Irda Majere's Graphics
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Welcome to crazy_perfume! This is a graphics journal owned by irda. If you'd like to know what sort of icons and graphics I'll be making, check my list of interests, or browse the memories.

If you fancy my work and would like to use it, cool! Just please do the following:

[x] Leave a comment and tell me which icon(s) you're taking.
[x] Give credit in keywords or icon comments.
[x] Textless icons are not bases to be altered. If you'd like me to add text to one of my icons, leave a comment and I'll see what I can do!
[x] This should go without saying, but don't take my work and redistribute it as your own! If you do that, there are no words for just how lame you are. LAMEO.

I wouldn't be able to do much without the nifty brushes, gradients and screencaps provided by these wonderful people. Thanks guys!

Paul Bettany moodtheme by stoffel & pippinshire
Header by mistress_mab

I'm an icon contest junkie, and proud to be one. For a list of the icon challenges I take part in, see my personal userinfo. And occasionally, I win! Here is where I store my banners.

All That Jazz I Therapy junedreaming Late As We Can

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buttah_icons | allure_designs | lunchbox_icons | entrata
champagne_icons | 1_shot | burgundy_icons | nocturne_love
rentboy_icons | faded_icons

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I moderate quite a few communities. Care to check them out?

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